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Spartan Generals
Literature on the Peloponnesian War
Results of the Peloponnesian War
Punic Wars
First Punic War
Battle of the First Punic War
Consequences of First Punic War
Causes and Origins of First Punic Wars
Overview of First Punic War
Second Punic War
Overview of the Second Punic War
Consequences of the Second Punic War
Battles of the Second Punic War
The Battle of Cannae
Maps of the Second Punic War
Causes of the Second Punic War
Third Punic War
Key Figures in the Punic Wars
Hannibal Barca
Scipio Africanus
Trojan Wars
Persian Wars
Ionian Revolt
Battles of the Persian Wars
Literature on the Persian Wars
Corinthian War
Messenian War
Macedonian Wars
Second Macedonian War
Third Macedonian War
Battles of the Third Macedonian War
First Macedonian War
Mithridatic Wars
Medieval Wars and Conflicts
Hundred Years War
Maps of the Hundred Years War
Battles of the Hundred Years War
Siege of Orleans
Battle of Formigny
Battle of Castillon
Battle of Crecy
Battle of Agincourt
Contemporary accounts
Consequences of the Hundred Years War
Norman Conquest of Britain
Battles of the Norman Conquest
Battle of Hastings
Battle of Stamford Bridge
Essays on the Norman Conquest
The Bayeux Tapestry
Primary Sources on Norman Conquest
The Crusades
First Crusade
Primary sources on the First Crusade
Siege and Capture of Antioch
Sufferings of the Crusaders
Fall of Antioch
Kerbogha's Attack
Discovery of the Holy Lance
Defeat of Kerbogha
Crusaders at Constantinople
Siege and Capture of Jerusalem
March to Jerusalem
Fall of Jerusalem
Frankish Victory
The Vision of Peace
The News Spreads
Essays on the First Crusade